Acoustic Water Leak Detection

Electronic Listening Devices for Water Leak Detection 

This equipment is used for listening for water movement in water pipes. Leaks can be isolated to a particular area of the property using these devices

The device amplifies these noises allowing the leak location to be pinpointed.

When a pressurised water pipe leaks the forceful water outflow causes the pipe and surrounding material (mud, concrete tarmac) to vibrate at the exit point.

This sound, or vibration, is transmitted along the pipe and through the surrounding material (ground borne water leak noise) which can be picked up with  acoustic leak equipment.

Acoustic and Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection equipment is also used in conjunction with Tracer Gas leak detection. 

When using acoustics, the sound of the leak is increased many times when pressurised with gas and water.

The bubbles permeating through the hole will be amplified and has a distinctive sound that is easily picked up by an electroacoustic device.

A leak noise correlator is an electronic device used to find leaks in pressurized water or gas lines.

Usually consisting of two or more ground microphones placed at set points along a pipe and a receiver.

The system analyses the sounds coming from each ground microphone to compute the position of the leak more accurately.

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