Thermal Imaging

Infrared scanning

Visual examinations are so much guess work, but with thermal imaging or infrared scanning, Leak Detection Services can quickly see behind obstacles such as walls and beneath floors without being invasive. 

Thermal imaging cameras use infrared scanning technology to compare the relative temperature of one object to another or to that of its surroundings.

These thermal images can reveal problems with moisture leaks and trace routes and leaks specifically in hot water systems.

Hot water pipes are clearly visible even though pipes run behind wall mounted objects and burst hot water pipes clearly show where the water seeps into the wall.

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Plumbers in Durbanville Talk About What Causes a Running Toilet


Our plumbers in Durbanville have had many calls regarding a running toilet – making it a surprisingly common plumbing issue.

A toilet running intermittently indicates that there is an underlying problem which needs immediate attention.

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