Plumbing Cape Town

Our Plumbers in Cape Town provide efficient, cost-effective plumbing services for all your plumbing problems, whether it be a clogged toilet or toilet repair, or as a plumbing contractor installing new plumbing - we're your one stop plumbing company.

Additionally, leak detection goes hand-in-hand with plumbing and repairing whatever leak we find we are able to attend to the issue right away!

Plumbing Services in Cape Town


Plumb Leak Cape will assist you with all your general plumbing requirements and maintenance, including:

  • Drainage and blocked drains,
  • Bathroom and Kitchen renovations,
  • Shower Floor Replacements,
  • Geyser installations and replacements,
  • Solar geyser installations,
  • Water leaks and leak detection,
  • Pipe locating; Burst pipes,
  • Faulty & blocked toilets and unblocking drains and sinks,
  • Fitting washing machine, fridge and dishwasher connections,
  • and Plumbing compliancy inspections.

Additionally, we can assist you with your bathroom renovations. Moving pipes and waste pipes when your small bathroom design turns into a big small bathroom remodel is where we our expertise shine!

Plumbing your kitchen fixtures properly is critical.

Not only does it ensure you get the most out of your kitchen design, but it also ensures that you don't run into any issues later on.

Plumb Leak Cape provide Kitchen faucets, taps and connections for your dishwasher, washing machine and modern fridge. 

In addition, we make sure that your kitchen sink plumbing is problem free.

Plumb Leak Cape are experienced at geyser repair as well as geyser element replacement. We are also experienced in geyser installation for high pressure geysers, geyser water mixers and geyser sacrificial anode replacement.

Furthermore, we provide geyser timer fittings as well as providing the timer itself. It's important to note that fitting a geyser timer to your geyser will help you save on electricity costs in the long run.

No matter what your geyser problems are, we can help.

Plumb Leak Cape can also help you install the best Solar Geyser for your home. In conjunction with Condor Solar, Plumb Leak Cape provides the best quality solar geysers and the best solar geyser prices.

Call us for your solar geyser installation free quote.

Blocked drains are a common problem in households. Whether the blockage is caused by roots, debris or maintenance issues, Plumb Leak Cape will be able to assist quickly and efficiently.

We are also experts at drain cleaning.

Rest Assured

We provide a one year guarantee on all plumbing work we do.

Plumb Leak Cape - Plumbing Cape Town

Contact us for expert plumbing advice and services. We promise efficient services at affordable prices.


Season’s Greetings from Plumb Leak – Plumbers in Cape Town


We are at the end of the year which means we are all preparing to settle into our long-awaited, well-deserved holidays. Plumb Leak plumbers in Cape Town would like to wish you a joyful, safe and memorable festive season.


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