It’s no secret that Cape Town is suffering the worst drought it has seen in over a century and one of the biggest water wasters is a burst geyser and other issues related to plumbing.

Despite the recent rainfall in Cape Town, the scary truth is - the drought is not over and residents of Cape Town as well as visitors and tourists still need to manage their water consumption.

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What many people fail to remember is that although the Mother City has been enjoying some beautiful downpour, the dams which are our main sources of water are still at critical levels.

Above all else, prevention of water wastage is absolutely imperative in preventing Day Zero from finally arriving.

The current water crisis has certainly compelled residents of Cape Town to begin to appreciate the importance of water.

In order to relieve the city’s plight of the water shortage, people have begun to discover extremely creative ways to save water.

Furthermore, sharing tips on how to save water has also become part of massive community projects and has managed to bring the community together.

However, simply saving water is not enough – we must do everything we can to completely prevent water wastage of any kind.

3 plumbing issues that can cause extensive water wastage

There are many ways that water can be wasted but a great contribution to water wastage is household plumbing issues.

Burst geyser

A burst geyser can be as a result of many issues such as extreme increase in pressure, lack of maintenance and general corrosion due to age.

Depending on the size of your geyser, this may result in hundreds of litres of precious water to be wasted.

Leaking pipes

Due to the fact that pipes make up the largest section of your plumbing system – when there is a leak somewhere in the pipe system, it can result in large amounts of water to leak and remain undetected for some time.

The leak is often caused by a weak joint or damaged surface due to poor quality material, old age or puncture.

Consequently, a leaking pipe can later resolve in a burst pipe. We all know how much water is wasted when a pipe bursts!

Fixtures that leak

Leaking fixtures such as toilets, shower heads and taps can result in large amounts of water to be unnecessarily wasted.

Shower heads or taps that drip all day or toilets that are constantly running may appear to do no harm. However, hundreds of litres of water are wasted this way.

Burst geyser and other plumbing services

Plumb Leak Cape offers an extensive plumbing service which includes:

  • Leak detection
  • Burst geyser repair
  • Geyser maintenance
  • Burst pipes
  • Faulty toilets

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Do not wait until you have a burst geyser or other plumbing issues that can be prevented.

Call a plumber at Plumb Leak Cape today for your plumbing maintenance requirements and prevent major water wastage during Cape Town’s water crisis.