Cape Town level three water restrictions

The current dam levels in the Cape Metropolitan area are dropping to dangerously low levels against the backdrop of the worst country-wide drought in 30 years.

Leak detection Cape Town 

From December 1, 2016 the new stepped level three water tariff comes into effect in Cape Town, with strict control over municipal supply and drinking water usage.

The City of Cape Town has issued an appeal for property owners to monitor water usage to ensure that summer water consumption is consistent with winter usage.

Property owners are responsible for water used, abused or wasted on their property even if this is due to water leaks from underground pipes and faulty plumbing fittings.

It is therefore critical that property owners take proactive steps to ensure that water and plumbing leaks are fixed immediately.

Signs of water leaks

1. There is a continuous sound of running water
2. Your water meter indicates water usage even when nobody is using any water
3. Your water bill account climbs for no apparent reason
4. If you see wet, spongy, moist or discoloured areas on walls or floors or in the garden
5. Excessive Electricity usage may indicate leaking hot water pipes
6. Smells from floors or walls or near drains or sewers, Black Mould
7. When walls or foundations crack, Paint bubbling, Tiles or wooden flooring lifting

Many properties suffer from hidden water leaks and it is worthwhile getting an expert opinion and quote for leak detection and plumbing repairs before you run foul of the law and incur huge water bills.

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