Sub-surface leak detection and affordable plumbing

There is no point in a advanced leak detection if you cannot fix the plumbing problem that caused it.


And obviously it is better to do this at the same time and use the same leak detection and repair service provider, thereby saving yourself separate plumber call out costs.

Pinpoint leak detection

Pinpoint leak detection is critical if your leak is behind a wall or under flooring. Otherwise the damage that may be caused in locating the leak can be extensive.

Leak Detection is a specialist job requiring special equipment and training, and not all plumbers do it.

Find water leaks with advanced leak detection methods

Plumb Leak use the following affordable leak detection methods to detect leaks:

1. Gas Leak Detection (Gas Detector / Tracer Gas)

With the gas leak detection technique, a non-toxic, water insoluble and lighter-than-air gas, such as helium or hydrogen, is injected into an isolated segment of a water pipe.

The tracer gas escapes at the leak opening and then, being lighter than air, permeates to the surface through the soil, paving or flooring.

The water leak is located by scanning the ground surface directly above the problem water pipe with a highly sensitive gas detector.

2. Electronic Listening Devices

This ultrasonic leak detection equipment is used for listening for water movement (bubbling) in water pipes.

Water leaks can easily be isolated using these methods.

3. Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Infrared photography identifies warmer and colder surface areas. Plumb Leak use thermal imaging technology to establish the source of many problems and in many applications where a difference in heat may give an accurate indication to a potential water leak source.

Plumb Leak are local plumbing contractors and professional leak detection service providers in Durbanville who specialise in finding underground leaks and concealed water leaks in your walls and under paving.

And while we are there we are perfectly placed to assist you with fixing your plumbing problems. Our plumbing prices are competitive and our service professional.

Contact us for any commercial and residential leak detection and plumbing problems you may have.